you need
  • - ice;
  • - warm water bottle;
  • - cream with vitamin K;
  • - arnica.
According to the assurances of doctors, bruises on the face are faster than in other parts of the body, yet it takes a few days.In order to quickly get rid of this problem, you must do the simple manipulation of cold.Take a piece of ice out of the freezer, wrap it in a clean, dry cloth and apply to the affected side of the face for thirty minutes.Then wait for a half hour and then apply ice to the hematoma.The effect of this method is that, under the influence of cold blood vessels constrict, and falls under the skin minimal amount of blood.
not only the cold ca
n quickly remove a hematoma, but also heat.This requires special warm gadgets.In this case, the opposite effect.Heat dilates blood vessels.Because of this blood will be transported further from the injury site.Hot water bottle applied to the site of injury, help reduce hematoma.At the same time keep the water bottle on the spot bruises must be no longer than twenty minutes.Such manipulations should be performed three times per day.However, it should be borne in mind that immediately after applying heat stroke can not.In this case happens tissue edema and hematoma will increase.
Get rid of bruises on the face and help the cream with vitamin C. Under the influence of vitamin blood accumulated under the skin, hematoma resolves and disappears.Immediately after it was received a blow to the face, spread the place of injury in this cream, and then repeat this step twice a day.
To eliminate hematomas is still possible to use the tool, called arnica.It is sold in almost every pharmacy.The tool can be taken orally or applied directly to the hematoma.However, we must bear in mind that the presence of cuts or abrasions on the site hematoma arnica can not use in any case.