for the treatment of various diseases recommended different duration and dose rate of nicotinic acid.So the treatment of pellagra (a disease of metabolism that occurs due to a lack of vitamin PP) prescribe the maximum rate of the drug.When administered intravenously pellagra-drip 2-4 ml nicotinic acid, diluted with 200 ml of an isotonic solution.Ie200 ml bottle with 0.9% sodium chloride solution, enter on prescription from 2 to 4 ml nikotinki and connect the patient with an IV solution induced.In severe cases, the disease drip with nicotinic acid put twice a day - morning and evening.The course of treatment prescribed by a doctor is 10-20 days.
liver and the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (peptic ulcer, gastri
tis different etiology) nicotinic acid appoint 0.5-1 ml subcutaneously or intramuscularly.For intramuscular administration to adult humans of the drug must be used needle, which is set in a syringe volume of 5 ml.A needle, which comes complete with a syringe 2 ml, more suitable for intradermal administration of the solution.The course of treatment on the recommendation of doctors is 7-10 days.When these diseases, it is desirable to repeat the therapeutic course of nicotinic acid 2 times a year, before the period of seasonal aggravations, ie,in September and March.
To improve the metabolic processes in the organism in mild forms of diabetes, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidaemia and to reduce spasms of peripheral vascular occlusive disease when, migraine, Raynaud's disease, etc., injections solution of nicotinic acidIt recommended stabbing intramuscularly in a specific pattern.Start with low doses of the drug - 1 ml, then adjusted to a maximum single dose administration - 5 ml, then the dose is reduced.Thus, the first day of therapy is necessary to introduce 1 ml of vitamin B3, in the second - 2 ml, the third - 3 ml for the fourth - 4 ml, the fifth day you input the maximum dose of - 5 ml, and the sixth day starting dose reductionieon the sixth day - 4 ml, in the seventh - 3 ml, in the eighth - 2 ml, in the ninth day of the last course of treatment you enter 1 ml of nicotinic acid.
Always keep in mind that nicotinic acid - a vitamin, therefore, to carry out an injection with its best solution after a meal, asacid binds with other nutrients, and proceeds to a compound of nicotinamide, which is very valuable for the organism, becauseinvolved in lipid metabolism and normalizes blood cholesterol.Like many vitamins, nikotinka causes pain when administered parenterally it.If you own the technique of intramuscular injections and vitamin PP will prick yourself, then try to enter the drug very slowly to reduce the painful feeling of the administration.