«Glycine» with alcohol

Despite the fact that most drugs are not compatible with alcohol, "Glycine" in its effect is significantly different.Narcologists used "Glycine" in the treatment of alcoholism and the elimination of the consequences of long heavy drinking.The medicine helps to remove the person from the state of alcoholic intoxication and neutralize binge.Once in the blood, the drug helps to eliminate alcohol from human blood by speeding up metabolism, and metabolism.

«Glycine" is also slightly reduces the effects of alcohol on the body, making a slow intoxication.Thus, the drug is fully compatible with alcohol.Nevertheless, you should not drink alcohol and co-medication in the period of time when you are trying to get rid of dependence, since the use of "G
lycine" is not justified in the consumption of large doses of alcohol.

«Glycine" and hangovers

«Glycine" is used for getting rid of a hangover.There are medical studies that show that taking 2 tablets of the drug significantly improves the general condition.Some doctors are also advised to take 1 tablet every hour feast, because the drug can protect brain cells from the negative effects of alcohol.However, it should be remembered that an excessive number of pills can cause the opposite effect, which will only worsen the situation and strengthen intoxication because in large doses at the "Glycine" observed bland narcotic effect, which, together with alcohol gives an undesired effect.In addition, the drug normalizes sleep and is useful when recovering against all kinds of injuries.


Use of drugs made orally.Glycine tablets dissolve under the tongue or in the cheek.When fighting a hangover is recommended to use the drug in doses of 2 tablets per hour, not to exceed 4 doses per day.Increasing the dose will trigger increase in the amount of acetic acid and ammonia in the body, which will have a heavy impact on the already poisoned body.

The drug comes rather slowly and with it will not immediately get rid of the symptoms of intoxication.In the derivation of the binge "Glycine" is only part of a complex treatment, which should be developed with the use of drugs, it is aimed to cure the effects of drinking alcohol.

«Glycine" is contained in the ear, jellied fish aspic.Sometimes the "Glycine" is part of the jelly or marmalade.Thus, no need to buy a tablet to achieve the desired dose of the drug.