¬ęDioksidin" facilitates rapid purification of contaminated surfaces, particularly mucosa of the throat and mouth.The drug is used for treatment of purulent bacterial infections caused by sensitive microflora in the case of failure of other lekarstvennnyh funds or their poor tolerability.Including "Dioksidin" is used against infections resistant to antibiotics.For gargling "Dioksidin" is used in the treatment of pharyngitis, sore throats and tonsillitis. Rinse solution "dioksidina" are assigned only in severe cases when other drugs do not help.

Instructions for use

for gargling using a 1% solution "dioksidina" in ampoules.Briefly, 1 vial is diluted in 1 cup of warm water, isotonic sodium chloride rasvore or water for inject
ion.The course of treatment "dioksidina" is 5 days.Use this product for a longer time only on doctor's advice.

Rinse 3 times a day.A small amount of solution gaining in the mouth and threw back his head back and gargle for a few seconds.After this, the drug should be spit out and repeat the procedure until the full use of the solution.When rinsing should not ingest the drug. In some cases, before using "dioksidina" possible appointment of hydrogen peroxide rinse, which helps remove the top layer of the epithelium inflamed.


drug has fetotoxic effects, so its use is contraindicated during pregnancy.Also, "Dioksidin" is not used during lactation.Rekomendut preparation is not used to treat children as possible in view of its toxic effects on the body.The local application "Dioksidin" partially absorbed from the damaged surface and excreted by the kidneys.In connection with this drug is recommended to use with great caution in patients with renal insufficiency, including in case of problems with the kidneys history.

Side effects

As a rule, treatment of diseases of the throat according to the drug occurs without complications.Nevertheless, in some cases "Dioksidin" can cause allergic reactions.This can happen even in spite of the low concentration of the active ingredients of the drug when applied topically.In the case of side effects is recommended voniknoveniya start taking antihistamines and seek medical advice.