Bepanten cream and ointment are composed of one active veschestvr - 50 mg dexpanthenol (provitamin B5).When applied to the skin, it is transformed into pantothenic acid accelerates the regeneration (restoration) of the skin, promotes healing of small cracks and damage.Dexpanthenol is well tolerated and does not cause adverse reactions.
Bepanten ointment contains 50 mg of almond oil, which is a unique moisturizer.It prevents dryness and flaking of the skin, relieves irritation.
Another component of the ointment is 250 mg of lanolin.Lanolin - natural oil of the highest purification.It forms a thin
film on the skin, protecting it from drying out and contact the diaper.Lanolin also prevents the occurrence of cracks nipples during breastfeeding, so is used to care for the breast feeding mother.
next component in the ointment - 40 mg of white beeswax.This granular substance that worker bees produce.Beeswax has bactericidal properties, it also acts as a natural preservative.
Bepanten ointment is white and a slight odor of lanolin.Due to its rich composition, it is used for diaper rash, diaper dermatitis, treatment and skin care nursing mother.Apply each time you change the diaper.When care is applied to the breast after each feeding.
Bepanten The composition of cream contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol and auxiliary components: vysokoochischeenye alcohols, lanolin 13 mg.The cream is white and has a low specific smell.Used for burns (including solar), bruises, bedsores, for the care of patients after skin grafting.
main difference Bepanten ointments and creams: cream has more fat consistency, thanks to its member additional components;The cream has a light texture, suitable for the daily care of dry skin of children and adults.
Bepanten plus cream in its composition in addition to dexpanthenol is chlorhexidine.Chlorhexidine - antiseptic, affecting the microorganisms trapped on the skin due to contamination of the wound.It is used for cuts, abrasions, minor wounds, insect bites.It has analgesic, cooling effect, contribute to more rapid healing of the skin and prevents the development of infection.