you need
  • If you burn the first or second degree (redness, or a bottle of clear liquid on the skin) is necessary to wash the burn with running water.This is done in order to remove from the skin all unnecessary (grains, oil droplets, etc.) and to cool the burn.
  • Then apply the ointment and ensure that the site does not burn in contact with clothes.If this can not be avoided - bandage soaked in the ointment for burns.
First on our list is "Panthenol".It is produced in the form of an ointment and a spray."Panthenol" prevents the formation of an inflammatory process, relieves pain, restores the skin, renews the epidermis (top layer of skin).This ointment can be used at all stages of the healing of burns from redne
ss to the complete disappearance of the tracks.
«Lifeguard."Completely natural ointment - a balm.It relieves pain.If you have time to apply the ointment from the first minute of burns - prevents the formation of bubbles.It prevents inflammation.Perfectly restores the skin when used regularly burn marks are left.
"Rescue" from burns
«Levomekol."It prevents inflammation and relieves swelling.Well suited for second degree burns (with bubble formation) and infection."Levomekol" impose on the gauze bandage, its effect lasts for up to twenty hours.Virtually no contraindications.
«Aktovegin."The ointment acts as a biogenic stimulator to restore the skin.Suitable when you want to quickly cope with burns, especially on exposed skin.In addition, "Aktovegin" cleans the wound and reduces inflammation in the deep burns.
«Fenistil."The best way to cope with the sun and deep chemical burns, as well as with the "solar dermatitis."Quickly relieves pain and itching and provides healing.
«Solkoseril."The ointment is applied at the stage of the healing of burns.It stimulates the formation of collagen, accelerates healing, prevents scarring rough.Immediately after the burn is better to put "Solkoseril- gel."Its light structure allows the skin to breathe without causing overheating and do not soak the wound.
«Iruksol» (Iruxol).This is a drug for the treatment of burns from the second degree.It cleans the wound allows painlessly remove dead skin.Imposed under the gauze bandage.Actually has no analogues in the treatment of deep burns.
Iruksol (Iruxol)