The causes of joint pain are numerous ": this inflammation, and increased load on the musculoskeletal system, and being overweight, and excessive exercise, and walking in high heels.Because of all these phenomena joint cartilage wears down, the bones is a constant friction against each other, reduces the amount of synovial fluid, which can lead to such pain, restrict movement.
most injections are optimal for the relief of pain symptoms in the joints.It is in the form of an injection drug capable of faster and easier to penetrate tissue and exert its effect.This procedure should be carried out by experts in order to avoid possible complications.
¬ęDiclofenac" is the most affordable and common drug to eliminate pain in the joints.Ava
ilable as a solution for injection.The substance has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and, most importantly, the analgesic effect."Diclofenac" is used in rheumatic joints, arthritis, arthritis.
more modern and is an all-natural solution "Alflutop" that doctors recommend used for pain in small joints, arthritis.This drug improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the joint, speeds up metabolism and helps to restore cartilage.When using "Alflutop" almost no side effects, allowing him to appoint the elderly.
Recently became a popular method of introducing gialouranovoy acid in the joint cavity.After all this stuff on the structure repeats the synovial fluid.It gialouranovaya acid prevents friction within the joint, which greatly relieves pain in a patient."Austen" and "Dyuralan" are rather expensive preparations containing gialouranovuyu acid, but their effectiveness has been proven in many patients.
Doctors recommend the use of it with hyaluronic acid injection because treatment should be directed not only at pain relief.Joint function normalized after a six-month course of drugs with "Osten" and "Dyuralan."This eliminates the pain and joint function is fully restored.Allowing patients to return to their usual life, forget about the pain and the disease.