hydrogen peroxide - the simplest representative of peroxides, it is colorless, has a metallic taste, infinitely soluble in water, alcohol and ether.Peroxide is the most common antiseptic, it disinfects wounds and irritations of the skin manifestations, killing them all sorts of infections.

oxidation reaction

peroxide is a strong oxidant, if a drop gets on any part of the human skin, immediately there is a reaction, a white spot appears, which can already be considered a dead site, where there are no viruses or bacteria.
Hydrogen peroxide, oddly enough, is a form of oxygen.

Perhaps the most common explanation for the hiss of hydrogen peroxide is its property to disintegrate upon contact and oxidize.And she breaks up with the release of oxygen, which is accompanied by some his
sing.Being in a jar, hydrogen peroxide is stable enough, but it's worth it to react with the blood to the wound, she immediately breaks.Many believe that with the help of foam, which is released during hiss, go outside and dirt and germs.

useful poison

hydrogen peroxide contains a small amount of toxic substances, it can be used in all spheres of human life.You will not believe, but there are hundreds of ways to use it.Just imagine, hydrogen peroxide is used:
- whitening teeth,
- in the treatment of acne,
- in surgery, burns,
- the refueling of air conditioners and cleaning of filters,
- in rocket fuel,
- in the food industry.

These areas are not linked, but hydrogen peroxide is used absolutely everything.In traumatology hydrogen peroxide is used as Zelenka when treating wounds after accidents, purulent skin areas wearable various lesions to be decontaminated and to ensure cleanliness and sterility of the damaged skin area.Unlike brilliant green solution of hydrogen peroxide is more compatible with the sensitive mucous cells, they do not burn, but only washes and disinfects.However, as with any active drug that gets into your eyes, peroxide causes severe irritation, so you should immediately wash and see a doctor.
Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes taken orally for medicinal purposes.

Enough widespread use of hydrogen peroxide obtained in the control of sulfur plugs in his ears: a drop of hydrogen enters the ear and starts to sizzle, the patient hears the sound, perhaps this is the hardest part of the procedure!The peroxide reacts with the sulfur plug, it simply destroys its own powerful substances.

In addition, hydrogen peroxide is used in the treatment of common user items (pens, microphones, glasses in movie theaters), as well as medical equipment: it is poured into a special container, which put various medical subjects, so that they have been fully disinfected.The treated product aseptically and safely.