What is muscle strain?

mechanism of this injury is associated with excessive tension of the muscles and ligaments, which is not comparable opportunities musculo-ligamentous apparatus.The main symptom is pain stretching, which can be either small and quite strong.Furthermore, there is swelling of the affected part of the body caused by anoxia and tissue inflammation of small blood vessels.If the impact was strong enough muscle strain may be accompanied by the appearance of bruises. When you stretch the muscle ointment should be applied in a small amount, because the process is slow absorption.

What tools are effective at stretching the muscles?

For treatment of this type of injuries ointments, gels and crea
ms intended for analgesia, reducing irritation and inflammation, reduction of swelling and bruises, improved blood flow and tissue growth stimulation.The active ingredients contained in them, much easier to state in tension and accelerate the recovery of muscle tissue. During acute injury is recommended to use gels, as they cool the injured area and relieve pain without irritating the skin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of muscle strain are made on the basis of diclofenac and ibuprofen.Some of them include in its composition of essential oils, horse chestnut and arnica.The most effective are the ointment "Diklak" "Dolobene" "Traumel C".

to reduce swelling and restoration of small vessels used ointment "Reparil", "Troxevasin", "heparin ointment", "greenhouse" and "Nikodan."They contain heparin, as well as active components, normalize microcirculation in the exposed area muscle.

If too pronounced pain, painkillers are applied ointment "Perkluzon", "Neftalgin", "Miauton."

What ointments used to prevent muscle strain?

during rehabilitation after a muscle strain and injury prevention with significant physical exertion is advisable to use a good warm-up and relaxing ointment "Nikofleks", "Kapsoderm", "Dolpik."They quickly warm up the muscles, making them more flexible.Due to the content of active substances, these ointments greatly increase the permeability of small blood vessels and increases the heat transfer in the tissues.To achieve maximum effect before applying the ointment warming is recommended to massage the body.