What is the difference preparations "No-spa" and "Drotaverinum»

Currently, the drug "No-spa" is very popular.It relieves spasms of smooth muscles.Women often drink that is what medicine to relieve the pain they feel in the first days of menstruation.

«No-spa" is a very effective drug, but at the same time and quite expensive.Few people know that in a given foreign agent is an analogue of the domestic production.The name of the product - "Drotaverinum."

«No-spa" and "Drotaverinum" are composed of the same active ingredient.International name of the drug component - Drotaverine hydrochloride."No-spa" and "Drotaverinum" represent a small yellow pills.In both formulations of 1 tablet contains 40 milligrams of active compound.

«No-spa" - a proprietary brand name.Available in the medicine of the Hungarian pharmaceutical
company "Chinoin"."Drotaverine", unlike its analog, not a proprietary medicines.It can produce various pharmaceutical companies. «No-spa" much more "drotaverine", so to acquire an analogue of the domestic production of more than profitable.

Which drug is better to buy

choosing between original drug "No-spa" and its counterpart, it is necessary to take into account several factors.Those who wish to save money, better buy "Drotaverinum."He is almost 10 times cheaper "no-spa," but in no way inferior to her in their effectiveness.

If the active substance is the same, and its concentration in both cases is the same, it makes no sense to pay more.If you wish, you can buy and more potent agents.In commercially available drugs such as "No-spa forte" and "Drotaverinum Forte."The concentration of active substance are increased by 2 times and is 80 milligrams.

However, the original antispasmodic "No-spa" has its fans, who do not wish to replace it with any peers. believed that the "No-spa" is more secure, as this drug has successfully completed a great number of special tests.
Some doctors believe that "No-spa" has a softer effect on the body due to the high purity of the drug.If a person has long enjoyed only genuine products and has the financial ability to buy such a vehicle, and further, it is possible that he should not try to change it for cheaper drugs.