Analgesics in pharmacies without a prescription, but not all of them are quite effective.From this group the most powerful drugs can be called "Nise", "Ketorol", "Spazmolgol", "Nurofen" and "Pentalgin."Of course, these drugs can shoot very strong pain in oncology or after a major operation, but often not recommended to use them.More sparing effect on the organism "Tsitramon", "Analgin" or "Ibuprofen" - they are not addictive, but in severe conditions are not effective.
¬ęKetorol" capable of causing an effect that is comparable to the effect of morphine.This is a very powerful analgesic that can arrest the intensity of pain accompanying cancer.Only here "Ketorol" has a negative effect on the gastric mucosa, especially in the elderly.This analgesic sold in tablet form, which i
s contraindicated to take more than 5 days in a row, and as a solution - it is injected intramuscularly.The solution "ketorol" in combination with opioids may be used in the most severe conditions involving severe pain.
When rheumatic and muscular pain, arthritis, sciatica help "Nise".Its active ingredient is nimesulilid which not only analgesic, but also has anti-inflammatory effect that slows the formation of toxins in severe inflammation.For topical use is best to buy "Nise gel", which combined with taking pills.
for headaches and dental pain effectively helps "Nurofen."This drug relieves pain, inflammation, and has antipyretic effect.With headache can handle "Pentalgin," but he has a wide range of actions.This neuralgia, radiculitis, muscle pain, renal colic and pain in cholecystitis.The structure of "Pentalgin" is paracetamol, which reduces the temperature and pain.Naproxen reduces inflammation, relieves fever and pain.The third component of "Pentalgin" is caffeine, which dilates blood vessels of the kidneys, skeletal muscles, relieves fatigue and drowsiness, which are often accompanied by pain.Caffeine promotes better assimilation of the other components of the analgesic.Very important is the presence of Drotaverine hydrochloride in the combined preparation, because it was he who relieves muscle spasms.