Active substance analogues

A similar pharmacological action of drugs allows the replacement of expensive medicine cheaper counterparts.The presence of similar drugs main active substances - essential phospholipids also allows you to effectively deal with various liver diseases.Analogs "Essentiale Forte" not only help restore liver function abnormalities, but also contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the cells of this vital organ.

price differences

Unlike "Essentiale Forte", the price of each of the similar drugs are much lower (sometimes several times) because of the lack of international proprietary names.Also, the price of medicines affect the cost of advertising.In addition, the price

of "Essentiale Forte" has affected the availability of the drug in the composition of dietary supplements, significantly increases the effect of basic substances.

most common equivalents "Essentiale forte»

1. « Essliver Fort ».The preparation, in addition to essential phospholipids, include vitamins of group B. Appointed "Essliver fort" in liver cirrhosis, chronic and acute hepatitis, psoriasis, radiation syndrome and toxicosis in pregnant women.Due to the low concentration of the active substances (phospholipids), treatment with these drugs is longer than the drug "Essentiale Forte" (from 3 months to a year).

2. « Karsil ».Also part of the phospholipids of the drug contains an active ingredient of plant origin silymarin (the extract from the fruit of the milk thistle)."Karsil" prevent the destruction of liver cells, normalizes metabolic disorders, protects cells against the penetration of toxic substances.This drug is useful in the treatment of cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, steatosis, hepatic lesions toxins.In addition, it is indispensable for disorders of the liver after long-term use of drugs and alcohol.

3. « Progepar ».The advantage of this product is its composition."Progepar" is in great demand due to the connection of natural biological substances, namely cysteine, inositol, choline, cyanocobalamin, extracts from the liver of animals.

4. « Rezalyut About ».The composition of this drug is the closest to a "Essentiale Forte".Appointed in chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty degeneration of the liver, toxic lesions.Also, "Rezalyut" can help in treatment of obesity.

5. « Phosphogliv ».It comprises glyceric acid, which contributes to the fight against all sorts of viruses.It also helps in the fight against viral hepatitis, steatogepatozom, intoxication of liver cells.

6. « Geptral ».The value of this drug - in the presence of the active substance ademetionine, component contained in all tissues of the human body.It helps with encephalopathy and toxic poisoning of the liver, and can also be taken as an antidepressant.

7. « Brentsiale ».Effective with alcoholic cirrhosis, toxic poisoning, toxemia of pregnancy, fatty degeneration, viral hepatitis, psoriasis.

8. « Gepatomaks ».It normalizes not only the liver, but also the entire digestive process.Is assigned in the complex treatment of skin diseases and allergic reactions.It helps with liver damage from alcohol, smoking, drugs.

Of course, in the treatment of most diseases and disorders of the liver is possible instead of "Essentiale Forte" use of its analogues.But it is not necessary to decide on the replacement of medications.Replace the medicine only after detailed study of the indications for use, and with the permission of the attending physician.