« Glycine » refers to a mild neuroprotective drugs, which cause virtually no side effects and at the same time well help with minor neurological disorders.This drug can be administered as an adolescent and newborn.The advantage of « Glycine and" is its ability to penetrate into breast milk, so the drug can be taken with the mother and child benefit, are breastfed.
If you are breastfeeding and the baby in need of treatment « Glycine th" take one tablet of the drug twice a day, and the third - the evening before the last feeding of the child.Convenience of the therapeutic regimen is that the drug enters the body of a baby in a convenient fo
rm.No need to crush a pill and make sure that pipsqueak choked.However, this regimen is not suitable for children , who are bottle-fed.In addition, this method of "taking the medicine" is excluded, if the mother has idiosyncrasy « Glycine well."
If the above method does not receive medication for your child, chop half a tablet « Glycine and " and carefully pour the resulting powder into the baby's mouth.If a physician is not assigned to another regimen, the child up to a year, let the medicine twice a day.
Children aged 1-7 years « Glycine » appointed one tablet three times a day.If a child has sleep disorders, the last dose of the drug should be drunk at night.
children from 7 years, let's take 2 tablets « Glycine and" at once.Use of the drug three times a day is optimal: morning reception improves brain function, resulting in a child's performance in school increases.Daily pills thus relieving tension and fatigue accumulated after graduation.The use of drugs for the night allows to make a deep sleep.
duration of treatment « Glycine om" is determined by your doctor.Usually treatment lasts a month or more.