medical exam.Turn in a complete blood count and blood sugar and cholesterol.Take a chest X-rays and ultrasound or mammography breast.The list of doctors required to visit, including not only the gynecologist, but also therapist, gastroenterologist, urologist, endocrinologist.These experts will check the state of your digestive system, kidneys, liver, a common hormonal.The therapist also will measure the blood pressure and assess the health of your body as a whole.
Go to the gynecologist, taking the results of all exami
nations, and expert advice.Tell your doctor important details about your health and lifestyle: do you have allergies to medicines, observe whether you are currently any diet and what is its essence, the sick you chronic or acute diseases which tablets (including vitamins) you are taking.The more you tell the gynecologist about yourself, the more correct it will be able to choose the contraceptive pill, avoiding side effects.
Discuss with your doctor the way you start taking birth control pills.If the main purpose of their application is precisely prevention rather than treatment of gynecological diseases, your doctor may offer you one of the following options.
reception on a certain day of the menstrual cycle.You can choose the first or the fifth day after the onset of menstruation.This method is convenient for you and your doctor.You can clearly track the change cycle, which will occur after the use of birth control pills.
The second method is called "Sunday".The essence of it is that first you have to take a pill on the first Sunday after a visit to the doctor and you a contraceptive purpose.In this case, you can avoid this unpleasant phenomenon for most women is menstruating at the weekend.
No matter what you choose the beginning, the next tablet should be taken 24 hours later.The maximum efficiency is achieved only when the action of the regular use of contraceptives.
Set your own order reception.Choose a convenient time for you.In the first month of use "reminder": Set special call on the phone, leave myself a note on a mirror in the bedroom, put the packaging of tablets on a bed under a blanket or next to a toothbrush in the bathroom.Over time, you get used to drink a pill on time and without reminders.
To avoid side effects (nausea and dizziness), drink a pill before going to bed.After 2-3 months of discomfort will pass.If they are, or there were other complaints about the state of health, consult a doctor immediately.
Drink tablets daily for 21 days.Then make the seven-day break.These days must pass menstruation.Exactly 7 days open a new pack and take the first pill.
visit a gynecologist in a month after the start of the use of birth control pills.It will examine, appoint necessary research.As a result the doctor will decide: leave the drug or prescribe other birth control pills.