«Bepanten" and its basic properties

One of the most popular and effective drugs to help cope with the symptoms of allergies, rashes, diaper rash and other skin diseases is "Bepanten."This drug is universal.It's suitable for both adults and children.With it you can quickly restore the skin after solar or thermal burn.Young mothers know about this drug is not hearsay, because "Bepanten" helps heal cracked nipples, which are formed in the period of breast-feeding, and softens the delicate baby skin.

into "Bepanten" includes D-panthenol, or as it is also called pro-vitamin B5.This material reacts with the surface of the skin, turns into pantothenic acid, which is actively involved in the healing process of the skin.The content of this component is due to the high efficiency of the product. Besides D-panthenol in this product include lanolin, almond oil and o
ther valuable components that are beneficial for the skin.

Analogs "Bepanten" and their features

drug "Bepanten" certainly very effective, but it is quite expensive.Not every family has the opportunity and the desire to buy the drug at such a high price, especially its scope of application is very wide, so the consumption of the relevant funds.Many people prefer to buy analogues of this means that the quality is almost not inferior to the original.

One of the most common analog "Bepanten" are ointments "D-panthenol" and "Dexpanthenol.""D-Panthenol" is issued in the form of ointments and creams.If the vehicle is purchased as a therapeutic drug, it is better to give preference to the ointment.It perfectly helps with allergies, as well as eliminates the rash and softens the skin.Cream lighter in texture and contains synthetic fragrances which may lead to the manifestation of allergic reactions.

«Dexpanthenol" - perfect replacement "Bepantenu."This treating agent is released in the form of ointments, lotions and gels.All of these products are effective.Ointment contains a large number of medicinal oils, so its use as a wound-healing agent more efficiently.The gel is suitable owners of oily skin.It can be applied even to the face. Currently, the domestic pharmaceutical industry produces several unique "Bepanten" "Pantoderm", "Panthenol-ratiopharm" and some others.All of these products contain about 5% provitamin B5.

When comparing "Bepanten" and its analogues consumers have repeatedly stated that all of these products are very effective.At the same time analogues of domestic production are several times cheaper than most "Bepanten."There is a certain group of consumers who prefer to buy the original imported drug.Experts attribute this to the fact that all the products have the same active ingredient, but it is completely different composition.Perhaps some people are right for components "Bepanten."By some, on the contrary, it prefers to use one of the analogues of domestic production.