the prohibition also included drugs, which include codeine - a drug that is close by the nature of its exposure to morphine.But, unlike the recognized "narcotic" drug, alkaloid is less pronounced analgesic properties, to a lesser extent contribute to the activities of the gastrointestinal tract and inhibition does not suppress breathing.Codeine has a remarkable ability to block cough.

narcotic codeine properties have long been known.With prolonged use of drugs containing the alkaloid in the structure, the person has a persistent habit (and other drugs of opiates).Dangerous and receiving high doses of these drugs may be euphoria or severe poisoning
of the body, accompanied by nausea, agitation, severe headaches.

From codeine drugs alkaloid extract from which is produced and heavy, but cheaper drugs, such as desomorphine.The body gets used to it the first time.Use desomorphine leads to inflammation of the veins and rapid tissue necrosis.Man begins to rot.

to block access to cheap raw materials for the production of drugs, from June banned the sale of codeine in the free drugs.These include, for example, "Codelac", "Nurofen +", "Kaffetin", "Solpadein", "Pentalgin-H" and others. Now, to buy in the drugstore painkiller or cough medicine codeine-based, it is necessary to apply to the districtclinic a physician for a prescription.

experts in the field of pharmacology and health care believe that the data on medications now sold by prescription, nobody gets hurt.Therapists will not obstruct to obtain the necessary permission.It will also be offered a similar action on drugs that do not contain codeine.Professionals advise all to try to give up this type of medication, becausethey do not possess the treating properties, but merely cropped pain and cough on time.