Tip 1: What are the sleeping pills and antidepressants are sold without a prescription

in today from sleep problems and nerves affected almost every third person.Moreover, most people simply do not have free time to visit a doctor who will write a prescription for the drug cherished.However, some drugs can be purchased without a prescription.

Drugs without prescription: Part 1

Today, one of the best hypnotic drugs is considered an organic supplement "Megatonin", which is absolutely harmless sedative and relaxing drug.When daily intake "Megatonina" sleep easy bounces.The additive composition includes sleep hormone - melatonin, restores normal sleep-wake cycle.It is also sold without a prescription anti-depressants such as "Ivadal" and "Lerivon" that have hypnotic and sedative effect.For drugs to calm the nerves and sleep adjustment are "Fenozepam" motherwort, valerian and "Suprastin."

If you are depressed or suffer from a prolonged and persistent insomnia is advisable to visit a doctor and not self-medicate.

Well established in the treatment of neuroses "Motherwort Forte" fr
om Evalar.The drug does not cause drowsiness, accelerates the process of falling asleep and improve sleep quality.The tool can be combined with the preparation of the same company - "Formula sleep" is combined with "Motherwort Forte" gives amazing therapeutic effect and has no side effects.The course is desirable to drink for forty days, one tablet in the morning and motherwort one tablet Formula bedtime.

Drugs without prescription: Part 2

Pharmacies also sell over the counter "Barboval", which consists of valerian, motherwort and validol.It has sedative and hypnotic effects, not addictive and easily perceived by the body.Good properties are sedative drugs such as "Novopassit", "Sedasen", "Persia", "Phenazepam" and "amitriptillin", which help to relieve tension and build healthy sleep.

body to cope with their functions need to take vitamins, the lack of which adversely affects the nervous system.

a bad effect is hypnotic pills "Sleepy," which consist of herbs and sold without a doctor's prescription."Despres" and "Glycine" is also sold without a prescription and are quite powerful antidepressant.Remember, to get used to the drugs in this category very easily, which will result in the need for their constant use, because the body will cease to carry out their work without outside "dope."This can result in more severe insomnia and depression, which are non-prescription drugs do not cure - so take them only as an emergency first aid.

Tip 2: What are the sleeping pills without a prescription

insomnia in humans arises from the nervous overloads, fatigue or physical health problems.The pharmacy you can buy medicines, promoting the rapid fall asleep.Dispensed without a prescription sleeping pills herbal and those that contain a small percentage of the potent component.
Sleeping without a prescription
One of the most recognizable and affordable medicines is "Valerian."This drug reduces the excitability of the central nervous system and helps to accelerate the onset of sleep.The efficacy of the treatment comes with long-term and systematic consumption.Also, "Valerian" is used in migraine, pulmonary disorders, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system.A similar effect has tincture "Motherwort".Sedative and hypnotic effects of the tool comes after three weeks of use."Motherwort" contains ethyl alcohol, so patients with alcohol dependence and diabetes should be taken with caution.
efficacy in sleep disorders and anxiety caused by nervous stress or chronic stress, is "Dormiplant."The active components of the drug - lemon balm and valerian.This has the same composition formulation "Perseus", which also has adjuvant - peppermint extract that enhances the sedative effect of the other two components.The drug improves backfilling with insomnia, relieves irritability.Unlike other sedatives, "Persia" does not cause daytime sleepiness.
«Corvalol" - another sleeping pill and sedative, which is released at a pharmacy without a prescription.It consists of menthol, phenobarbital and ethyl bromizovalerianovoy acid.It is used for insomnia, tachycardia, spasms of the intestine and in the early stages of hypertension.The drug is banned for use in some foreign countries.There are mainly distributed German analogue of the domestic drugs - "valokardin."Only the cost is ten times higher.It is also freely available in pharmacies.
«Novopassit" is widely used in sleep dysfunction, gipotimii, neurotic character disorders.It includes extract of 7 herbs and guaifenesin.The drug is not addictive and has a minimum set of side effects.
By strong sedative sold without a prescription, include "melaxen" and "Donormil."However, when buying the last of the drug in some pharmacies may still require a prescription."Donormil" is a histamine receptor blocker, it does not suppress the activity and does not affect the memory."Melaxen" is considered to be an analogue of the hormone melatonin pineal gland.This medication effectively regulates the cycle of sleep and wakefulness, has a calming effect.
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