Tip 1: How to drink folic acid during pregnancy

Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is involved in the metabolic processes responsible for the formation of blood cells and stimulates the digestive system.During pregnancy the need for it increases.Vitamin A deficiency can cause anemia, congenital malformations in the fetus, placental insufficiency, and sometimes even miscarriage.
Vitamin B9 is involved in the formation of neural tube defects, a process that begins in the third week of pregnancy .At this time woman can not even guess at his position and folic acid deficiency will cause irreparable harm to the unborn.That is why vitamin start from the first day of the menstrual cycle, but better - for 2-3 months before the planned conception.This will compensate for the already existing shortage and would be beneficial for your health.If the pregnancy is unplanned, but you decide to keep it, start taking folic acid from the first day of delay.
Three times a day drink a tablet of folic acid.Up to 12 weeks of pregnancy - is the minimum necessary dose.Even if you take a complex vitamins, which is composed of folic acid does not reduce her dosage.Excess vitamin excreted by the kidneys without any harm to the body, so that you can drink it without fear.
After 12 weeks of pregnancy , when all the organs and systems of the fetus are formed, the need for folic acid is reduced.Cut the drug to one pill per day.
If you anemic or placental insufficiency, increase the dosage of folic acid to 2-3 tablets a day.Drink it in time meal or immediately after it.
Folic acid is absorbed from the intestine, so its operation is dependent on the digestibility of the much-needed vitamin.Every day, eat dairy products.In their structure contains bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, improving the digestive process and normalize the intestinal microflora.

Tip 2: How to take folic acid

Folic acid - a water-soluble vitamin B9, which is necessary for growth and development of the circulatory and immune systems.What you need to take folic acid?

But it must be taken for the creation, development and maintenance of healthy new cells, so its presence in the body is important during the development of the body - in the stages of fetal development.Folic acid promotes plasticity and regeneration of tissues, promotes the release of milk and acts as a prophylactic against ulcerative stomatitis.The process of DNA replication requires the direct involvement of folic acid.However cyanocobalamin stimulates the formation of erythrocytes influences the synthesis the amino and nucleic acids, purine formations.Failure to do so increases the risk of developing cancer.The lack of folic acid is also suffering the bone marrow is disrupted normal blood circulation.Folic acid deficiency is caused by malnutrition, alcoholism, fever, anorexia, cancer.

expectant mother must necessarily receive the necessary amount of folic acid daily, starting 3 months before pregnancy, it reduces the risk of placental abruption, mental retardation, miscarriage and other defects in the fetus, which may arise in the early stages of pregnancy.Clinical studies have shown - 75% of the defects can be prevented precisely because of folic acid.Before drinking folic acid, consult your doctor, who will tell you how to pursue a course of treatment.The drug can cause side effects: rash, allergy.Contraindications: anemia, breach formation of red blood cells, the dosage forms: powder;tablets of 0.0001g.in a package of 50 pieces.Store in a well-closed container in a place protected from light.Still, the drug contained in various foods such as asparagus, avocados, green beans, lentils, citrus fruits.Taking folic acid is necessary in a particular dosage: adults 0.005 grams per day, children - depending on their age.The course of treatment medication 20-30 days.


1) To prevent a lack of folic acid - 20-50 mg daily;

2) During pregnancy - 800 micrograms per day;

During breastfeeding - 500 micrograms per day.

in infectious diseases, toxicosis of the first trimester, a violation of the liver, stress dosage of folic acid can be improved.
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