Tip 1: How to breed mummy

Mummies - this mountain balm, which has unique healing properties.It is used to treat a variety of diseases from ancient times, described in ancient medical treatises of Tibet and India.Mongolia and Central Asia.How to take this remedy?This can be done in various ways.
aqueous solution mummy.Pour into a beaker with 400 ml of warm water and pour 5 g of powdered mummy.Stir and leave to infuse.After 1.5-2 hours, strain and add a little more water, bringing the final volume to 500 ml.If the powder quality, giving a clear solution, almost without precipitate.Store it in the refrigerator for 15 days.
Spirtovodnaya tincture mummy.Grind 10 g mummy, pour 70 ml of 20% ethanol.Steep 7 days at room temperature, two times a day while stirring.Then strain, add to the residue 30 ml of alcohol, leave to infuse for 3 more days.After 12 hours, it is necessary to mix the solution again and drain.Then mix the two liquids a day put in a cool place, filter, add alcohol to reach a volume of 100 ml.
The resulting infusion is to be tan, with a characteristic odor and burning taste.
water-glycerol solutions mummy.Put 10 g of the mummy in the flask.Prepare a mixture of equal parts of distilled water and glycerin, pour 200 ml of this solution mummy and simmer 30 minutes.Then put on a night in a cool place.When will settle to the bottom of the mass of insoluble, Drain all the strain and add to a volume of 200 ml of a mixture of water and glycerol (1: 1).It will turn dark brown solution was sweet with the smell of mummy.
Ointments with mummy.Combine 5 g of powder mummy a few drops of distilled water to make a paste.Mix it with 45 grams of fat base or conventional petrolatum.Ointment shall be greyish-black, homogeneous, with no grains.

Tip 2: How to breed mummy

Shilajit is a unique remedy, which is known to mankind for over three thousand years.On the beneficial properties of this miraculous mountain balm mentioned another ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.
Nowadays, many people are suspicious of traditional medicine, preferring to use for its treatment of the ancient folk methods.Supporters of alternative treatments do not leave without attention and the mummy - a unique natural product, the origin of which is not yet fully understood.

Shilajit can serve as the basis for many medicines that healers used to treat dozens of different diseases.These agents are used as aqueous solutions, alcoholic liquors, water-glycerol solutions and ointments.

aqueous solution

To prepare the treatment solution must be dissolved in 400 ml of warm water 5 grams mummy.As the container for this purpose may be used beaker.

After the mummy of infusions and the process takes no more than two hours, the solution should be strain through cheesecloth and bring its volume up to 500 ml.The aqueous solution can be used for compresses and rubbing radiculitis, ulcers, burns, fractures.


When preparing an alcohol tincture is necessary to grind 10 grams of mummy and pour the resulting substance with 70 ml of alcohol solution strength of not more than 20%.

infusion should be kept at room temperature for seven days, stirring occasionally, then strain and add to the resulting precipitate 30 ml of alcohol.After three days, it should again strain, mix both liquid and bring the volume to 100 grams of alcohol.Use alcohol tincture can be as a compress when soft tissue injuries.

water-glycerol solutions

In order to prepare this tool, you need to mix two equal parts of water and glycerin (200 ml) and pour the resulting mixture of 10 grams of mummies.

insist solution should be in a cool place during the day.After the solution infusion, it should be carefully strain and bring the volume to 200 ml using water and glycerol in a ratio of one to one.Water-glycerol solution is recommended for the treatment of sinusitis use.


To prepare the ointment must be carefully stir 5 grams mummy in a small amount of boiled water (no more than one teaspoon).After achieving a smooth consistency, the resulting mixture should be mixed with any day or night cream for the skin and infuse for 15 minutes.Use this ointment may be women in the stretching of the skin, appearing as a consequence of pregnancy.
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Take mummy inside is best early in the morning or at night, after 3hours after a meal.Dosage - 100-200 g at a time, no more than 500 grams per day.The most common regimen - 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.Within 10-12 days.Then - a break for 10 days and repeat the course.
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