Tip 1: How to prepare a decoction of camomile

Chamomile is known for the amazing variety of useful features and a large range of applications in medicine.It is used as an emollient in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, a sedative for the central nervous system and many other health problems.Chamomile is considered one of the mildest means, suitable for both children and adults.
you need
  • -tsvetki chamomile;
  • -kipyachennaya water;
  • -emalirovannaya dishes;
  • -kastryulya with water;
  • a purely gauze.
Buy pharmacy chamomile or independently gather flowers.Ideal season for fees from May to August.If you decide to do it yourself, keep in mind that the main condition is the dry weather and preferably in the afternoon when the morning dew has evaporated.Choose flowers, petals are in a horizontal position, they contain the greatest amount of useful substances.To dry chamomile can be collected on any smooth surface, laid by the paper.
To prepare the broth chamomile take 2 tablespoons of flowers pour 200 mg and cooled bo
iled water (1 cup).Water is desirable to take distilled.This recommendation is because the broth is used for external use, that is, when prickly heat, rashes, as a sedative.Do not filter running water can aggravate the state of the problem areas.The resulting composition put in an enamel bowl, as the glass may break when heated.Close the container lid.
Place the dish in a water bath.Now simmer for 15-20 minutes.To make a water bath, it is necessary to pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil.After that, it put a container of broth.
After boiling, leave to cool for 40-50 minutes at room temperature.The resulting broth is necessary to drain, and the remaining raw materials squeeze through a clean gauze.
After straining the resulting liquid volume is less than the glass because of the composition of flowers you have removed.It is necessary to supplement the missing quantity broth with boiled water to 200 mg.

Tip 2: How to prepare a decoction of raisins

Raisins - a great source of vitamins and minerals for our body.However, it should be remembered that the content of nutrients and sugars in it is much higher than in fresh grapes.Therefore, you should not abuse the raisins.One of the best ways to use these dried fruit decoction is .This drink has a pleasant taste and is famous for many medicinal properties.
How to prepare a decoction of raisins
you need
  • - raisins;
  • - water;
  • - onion juice;
  • - cranberries;
  • - oats.
Traditional medicine offers several cooking broth well.But in any case, before you start cooking raisins, carefully inspect it, remove substandard and rotten fruit.Then rinse the raisins in cold water and let it dry.
To treat dehydration, pneumonia and hypertension use the following recipe.Grind 100 g of raisins (you can mince) and fill it with 300 ml of pure drinking water.Put the mixture on low heat and wait until boiling.Do not boil the broth more than 10 minutes, otherwise the useful properties of grapes disappear.Drink strain, raisins and squeeze through cheesecloth.Take broth can be several times a day.
raisins combined with onion juice is used as a treatment for diseases of the throat, nose and throat, cough and bronchitis.Add 100 grams of raisins cup of boiling water and leave for 10-15 minutes.Then strain the liquid and squeeze the berries.The container with the resulting infusion, add 1 tbsp.spoon of onion juice.Accepted three times a day for half a cup.
Raisins is a component broth and helps with diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract.To make it, take half a cup of raisins and cranberries, 1 cup of oats.Mix the product and fill with cold water.Bring the mixture to a boil and immediately remove it from the heat.Then incubate broth in a warm place for about 3 hours.The cooled liquid strain.If you wish, you can add the broth honey.Accepted recommended that no more than three times a day.
Use raisins and as a tonic.To prepare this drink simply pour into a thermos and fill it with raisins with boiling water in a ratio of 1 st.spoon of dried fruits 1 cup liquid.Insist the mixture for at least 2 hours and drink half a cup several times a day.
  • Useful properties of raisins
  • broth, raisins
Use only freshly prepared broth.
Helpful Hint
Chamomile can not be used for pregnant women.A very large dose can cause general weakness and headaches.