When the pain in the liver is necessary to take two tablets of "No-Spa", which has antispasmodic and analgesic effect, improving the state of stagnation in the bile.Take this drug may be no more than 2-3 times a day and stop taking it when improving the overall condition."No-silos" should be taken with caution for people with low blood pressure.Also, when the pain in the liver proved to be excellent preparation "Allohol", which is composed of natural Bile acid and activated carbon, which helps excrete toxins from the body.
Other Than choleretic tablets are also drugs "Flamen" or "Holelitin" based on renewable raw materials.Get rid of the pain in the liver and greatly help restore its function hepatoprotectors "Essentiale
" or "Karsil" course which is quite expensive, but the effect of them cover all the costs.Well established as synthetic drugs "Urdoksa", "Holenzin", "Tsikvalon" and "Osalmid" having a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
In chronic liver problems, causing painful discomfort in her area, it is recommended to supplement medication use alkaline mineral water.Excellent effect provided by such water as "Essentuki" "Karachinskaya" and "Borjomi" which contain mineral salts for the treatment of liver diseases.To ease his condition in the morning you need to drink a glass of water and continue to drink throughout the day in small portions.
If the pain is pretty sharp, you need to give a few days from all of the foods and sit on a diet, which allows the liver to cleanse and restore the free flow of bile.If pain persist even after taking pain medication, and they are joined by an increase in temperature, you should contact the hospital for adequate treatment of severe attack of cholecystitis, or consult with a physician to determine the presence of gallstone disease in which any cholagogue drugs is strictly contraindicated.