aminocaproic acid administered after surgical treatment for lung, pancreas and thyroid gland, prostate, premature placental abruption, in case of delay in the womb of a dead fetus during brain surgery, acute pancreatitis,liver diseases and in all cases the presence of extensive bleeding.
acid is also prescribed for nasal bleeding, abortion, anemia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency.
use the drug only on prescription and strictly within the recommended doses.Typically prescribed 0.1 g of acid per 1 kg of body weight.Reception spend every 4 hours.The maximum daily dose is '15 powder is thoroughly dissolved in a glass of water and use after meals.
Sometimes aminocaproic acid administered to children with severe allergies unexplained,
acute or chronic pancreatitis.If your child was prescribed, strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor and let him in strictly recommended doses.
If you have a large loss of blood, and the blood can not be stopped by any means, you assign aminocaproic acid injections.The solution will be administered intravenously with the infusion rate of 60 drops per minute.During the first hour after surgery introduced 5 g of the acid, followed by 1 g per hour to a full stop bleeding.With the introduction of the acid solution will be further administered a glucose solution if necessary - antishock drugs.
When using a strong acid can be diarrhea, dizziness, bronchospasm, nausea, vomiting.If you are prescribed medication for outpatient use, all the side effects, tell your doctor.You will be assigned a lower dose or stop the drug.
aminocaproic acid is strictly contraindicated in the propensity to thrombosis, with varicose veins, a tendency to embolism, kidney diseases with impaired function.