Talking about the method of preparation of resin possible, not to mention what you can cure the disease, using a particular concentration.Rich chemical composition (more than 70% of the various resin acids and fatty acids of about 0.3) and a natural oleoresin properties allow to prepare a lot of different variants of salves, balms and solutions which can be stored and used when needed.
Avoid sap pure, unless approved by a doctor.Often sap may be commercially available in concentrated 12.5% ​​or 20% a.Dilute 12,5% sap oil in the ratio of 2 teaspoons of 12.5% ​​of resin to 3 teaspoons of oil to get the less concentrated solution.The oil may be sunflower or even olive.
Mix cedar sap with cedar oil, then receive a so-called turpentine balsam.Together, these two components have a more powerful effect than individually.To prepare the balm you will need one of the cedar resin and 5 parts of pine oil.The mixture must be heated in a water bath until completely dissolved and strain.Such a remedy can be stored for long periods.The main thing is tightly closed container.
Use this rubbing balm for rheumatism, sciatica, joint disease;rub into the area of ​​heart arrhythmia, angina pectoris, tachycardia.Grease cracks, burns, cuts in the skin, colds and pneumonia daily rub his back and chest;instill a few drops at a cold and sinusitis, lubricate the sinuses for the prevention of colds during the autumn and winter.
For the treatment of wounds, gangrene and ulcers exterior, you can use sap pure.To do this, dilute the required amount of resin in a water bath (the temperature should not be Bole 60C), wait for complete dissolution.This substance can be used for lotions.You just dip the bandage in diluted sap and put a bandage on the wound.Change the bandage every 2 days.
Take the next oil solution of live bait, if you suffer from cracked heels, lips: Dilute 1 part of the sea buckthorn oil with 1 part of vitamin A in the form of oil and one part turpentine.Sea-buckthorn oil and oleoresin dissolve in a water bath and then in a slightly chilled mass add vitamin A.
If you catch a cold, and often suffer from herpes, do reserve sap, mixed with vegetable oil in1: 2 ratio.It can be stored, but the container must be kept tightly closed, so that no air enters.
Another indispensable means of treatment at home is an ointment and resin propolis.To prepare such an ointment, take sap and propolis spoon 1 and 3 tablespoons of oil and mix all together, heat in a water bath.It is an indispensable tool for the healing of cuts, bruises, or any other damage to the skin.
As you can see, a lot of resin preparation methods and its scope is also quite extensive.So, if you had the opportunity to acquire this truly invigorating resin, do not neglect it.The presence of such a "doctor" in the family, especially where there are children and the elderly, will be superfluous.