main drawback of most antihistamines is that with prolonged admission body gets used to them and the effect is reduced or disappears altogether.But the application of « Citrine as" such a reaction does not occur, and it retains its activity even after prolonged course intake.In addition, the main advantage of the drug - speed action.It is a sufficiently high rate to the intestine and is absorbed into the blood.
spectrum use « Citrine a" wide enough.It can be used in allergic rhinitis, seasonal or arising taking place all year round, urticaria, with chronic relapsing course, angioedema, allergic nature of various dermatoses and atopic dermat
itis.« Citrine » can be used and angioedema.Also, it may be included in the complex treatment of bronchial asthma and respiratory infectious diseases, which can often be accompanied by allergic reactions.
Available « Citrine » in the form of tablets.It can safely be given to children under 6 years.Specific dosage prescribed in the instructions for use of the drug.
« Citrine », as well as many other medicinal products, has its contraindications.It can not be used during pregnancy and lactation, people bad transporting hydroxyzine and children up to 6 years.Currently, for young children « Citrine » is available in the form of delicious syrup.
In addition, « Citrine » can cause side effects, manifested in the form of dizziness, headaches, digestive disorders, dry mouth, and inflammation in the mouth and throat.If this be the case, an urgent need to see a doctor, he or change the dosage of the drug, or to appoint another antihistamine.