view of the fact that the drug is prescribed for the treatment of many diseases, consult your doctor before use.In each case, it can be assigned to different dosages, depending on the severity of the disease and the presence or absence of contraindications.
If doctors did not recommend another dose, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome and expressed mastodynia drink 1-2 tableki (5-10 mg) « Norkolut and" since the 16th day of the menstrual cycle.In severe cases, medication may be appointed immediately after the end of the month.Cancel the drug on day 25 of the cycle.To enhance the therapeutic effect, take « Norkolut » together with estrogen (after consultation with your doctor about an appropriate medication and accurate dosage).
When uterine fibroids and endometriosis drink a tablet « Norkolut a" (in advanced cases of the disease - two) from 5 to 25 day menstrual cycle.Take the medicine no more than six consecutive cycles.
to prevent lactation when abortion for medical reasons in the period 16-28 weeks of the first day, drink 3 tablets « Norkolut as" the next two days - 2 tablets, 4 to 7day reduce the dosage to one tabletki.Esli pregnancy is terminated at a later time (28-36 weeks), the dosage can be adjusted upwards.On the first day, drink 3 tablets « Norkolut as" the next 6 days - 2.
to stop lactation requires a long-term prescription drugs.In the first three days of treatment drink 4 tablets, 4 to 7 days - 3 tablets with 8 to 10 days - two tablets daily.
Take the medicine with or without food, with a small amount of liquid.
Consult a doctor if taking medication you experience nausea, allergic reaction or extraordinary bleeding.Perhaps, the dosage will be adjusted.In some cases, treatment can be discontinued.