Vitamin B6 is taken by mouth after a meal: adults recommended 20-30 mg once or twice a day, children also need to be reduced dose according to their age.The course of treatment with this drug is about two months.In some cases, injections of, for example, malabsorption of vitamin B6 or vomiting after administration.
Additionally, this drug should be taken for women who use drugs that contain estrogen, such as contraceptives.Also, increase the dose to be pregnant girls, since at this time the body is experiencing a gre
at lack of this vitamin, especially in recent months.
Teenagers suffering from acne, is also recommended to take pyridoxine, but better than in ointments.Such means remove redness and inflammation of the skin.
For the treatment of anemia need to ingest 100 mg daily or 100 mg intramuscularly twice every seven days.Also parallel to the need to take drugs such as riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, folic acid.
Parkisona's disease, doctors prescribe vitamin B6 intramuscular injection of 100 mg / day, the course of 20-25 injections.It can be repeated after two to three months.
the treatment of seizures piridoksinzavisimogo adult drug is administered intravenously, or from 30 to 600 mg, and children of 10-100 mg every day.Also, pyridoxine is prescribed for poor wound healing, drowsiness, confusion state, as well as an electric shock.
This drug contraindications: hypersensitivity as this particular vitamin and all the B vitamins, gastric and duodenal ulcers.In these cases, vitamin B6 should be used with caution under constant medical supervision of the patient.