Talk to your doctor, appointing birth control pills, hand over analyzes, if necessary, pass inspection.The fact that the basis of hormonal contraception is the use of synthetic "doubles" natural ovarian hormones.Among the oral contraceptives are the most popular combination of drugs, the level of reliability, portability and reversibility of the impact of the available prices are much higher than others.These funds "own" two types of female sex hormones - estrogens and progestins and "achieve" the goal, based on the blockade of ovulation, implantation, as well as changing the movement of sperm and the work of the corpus luteum, which replaces and provides the ovum which appeared normal development of the fetal yaytsa.KakOnly supplementation is stopped, t
he output of egg from the ovary which takes place in the middle of each menstrual cycle (ovulation), restored and the vast majority (about 90%) of women for two years can again conceive.
remember and complications that sometimes occur after consuming oral medications - the absence of menstruation and the "threat" to become pregnant within six months after the rejection of them.This situation is registered in approximately 2% of women and is particularly common in young girls or mature women, and it is typical for owners of a hidden disease, which provoked the awakening of oral contraceptives.
stop using hormones for two to three months prior to conception.During this period, it is the majority of women comes back to normal fertility.
stop taking medication, follow the menstrual cycle, get calendar.To accurately as possible to calculate gestational age, must have a regular cycle.
Try balanced diet.As a result of receiving hormones in the female body changes vitamin and mineral balance, for example, reduces the absorption of vitamin C and certain trace elements and folic acid.At the same time the absorption of vitamin A becomes excessive, which may adversely affect the development of the unborn child.Talk to your doctor and pick up the necessary vitamin and mineral complex.