valerian extract tablets much more convenient to take than alcohol tincture, a part that has the same active ingredient.The effectiveness of them is about the same, the only difference is that the liquor begins to act a little faster.However, there is her and disadvantages.Unlike tablets it is prohibited to infants and pregnant women.
As part of each tablet contained a powder made of a thick extract of valerian or root of a plant.The operating principle of the drug is to expand the blood vessels and decreasing the heart rate.The result is a decline in activity of the central nervous system, which affects the overall health and depth of sleep.
valerian extract often appointed for a long time.Only after months of course you can expect consistent effect of reducing the
excitability of nerve and improve sleep.Take 2 tablets of valerian before breakfast and dinner.A final dose drink an hour before bedtime.If necessary, treatment may be extended, but it is better to consult a specialist.Perhaps the reason for neurosis and insomnia is any breach in health so masking the symptoms of valerian extract to anything good will not.
If be some exciting events, such as public speaking, exam, an interview with the employer, it is important to be able to maintain his composure.In this case, the reception of valerian extract to start 2-3 days before the expected event.Drink one tablet of the drug three times a day, and on the appointed day, take a double dose.
In some cases, valerian extract appointed and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Providing antispasmodic effect, the drug is very good for intestinal colic.Drink 2 tablets once valerian.Within half an hour the pain should subside.