diarrhea, flatulence and intestinal cramps can be treated successfully with only one grass of water pepper.In the treatment it can be used to stop uterine bleeding as during the heavy period, and in the postpartum period.Ointment based smartweed (this is the second name of water pepper) excellent struggling with hemorrhoids, soothing the pain and inflammation of the shooting.
Pepper Highlander has a specific taste and can be used as a condiment.But more often it is used in medicine, so the grass can be purchased at the pharmacy.
Prepare infusion.To do this, one and a half tablespoons of smartweed pour into a thermo
s and fill the cup of boiling water.After half an hour, strain the resulting liquid and take 30 minutes before meals three times a day for a third cup.Before you can use the infusion is better to warm up, the effect of treatment in this case would be higher.In gastric ulcer and gynecological diseases treatment will be six weeks.
If you bought a water pepper as a liquid extract, then take it to 35 drops 3 (in severe cases, 4) times a day.Since the taste of bitter-astringent medication, it can be washed down with half a glass of warm water.
Water pepper has excellent antibacterial properties, so it can be used for gargling in angina.Equally effective would receive one tablespoon infusion after meals 4 times a day.