Supplementation on the basis of, or with the content of zinc is shown in disorders of the immune system, when colds and viral infections, impotence and prostate cancer, chronic prostatitis.And as for boosting metabolism for cell renewal, for healing wounds, ulcers, fractures, cuts, to improve memory and thinking process, especially in old age, for the normalization of the sexual organs.Especially shows zinc supplementation during the first trimester of pregnancy when there is an intensive formation of the fetus and its vital organs.
For normal operation of the entire adult human body requires 10-20 mg of zinc daily.Such an amount of the trace element is very difficult to get from food, especially for the absorption of zinc is required to take vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.This composition complement each other and increase the effect of each agent, so the pharmaceutical industry produces zinc supplements in such structure.
to receive capsules containing zinc read the annotation, as the dose may be completely different.Aim for a daily dose for adults - 10-20 mg.If the trace element is used for medicinal purposes, it should take 20 mg as a preventive - 10 mg.Like all minerals, zinc is best absorbed when taking immediately after or during a meal.
As part of vitamin and mineral supplements to treat various diseases and conditions associated with a lack of vitamins or minerals, as well as after serious illness and after the use of antibiotics, take 1 tablet or 1 capsule of the drug 2times a day after meals.
for supplementation with zinc to pregnant women and children need to get a doctor's recommendation.As the dose may be assigned different and taking any drugs by pregnant women and children is not allowed without a destination specialist.
When zinc supplements should completely give up alcohol, birth control pills, hormonal drugs, limit the use of salty and sweet food, coffee and tea.