Take alcohol tincture of bile for the treatment of hepatitis, endometriosis and benign ovarian tumors.The infusion can buy or make yourself at home.Grind 25 g of bile in a mortar or coffee grinder and pour 500 ml of vodka.Steep mixture for months in a dark place at room temperature, shaking it every day.Alcohol tincture of bile must be taken three times a day for an hour before eating, no drinking.With a little weight to 50 kg, only one teaspoon of medicine at one time.If the weight of 50 to 80 kg, the infusion should be taken on a dessert spoon, and weighs more than 80 kg - one tablespoon of reception.In violation of the digestive or gastrointestinal disorders take one te
aspoon of tincture of bear bile.Repeat welcome again if the first attempt did not help.
take water tincture of bear bile in liver cirrhosis and alcoholism, asalcohol-based products for such diseases are contraindicated.To prepare tinctures, cut a small piece of bile and grind in a mortar.One half teaspoon of crushed bile pour 100 ml hot water and stir several minutes until complete dissolution.The infusion should be taken once or twice a day, two teaspoons of half an hour before a meal.Wash down or stick it impossible.Course duration 3-4 months.
Eat tincture of thickened bear bile to relieve rheumatic pains, the deposition of salts in the joints and radiculitis.For infusions take 20-30 g thickened bile and dissolve in 500 ml of alcohol.The alcohol should be 60 percent.Soak infusion for a week in a dark place.Shake several times a day.Use ready-made medicine as rubbing and compresses.
Use ointment from bear bile to treat external wounds, burns and prolezhney.Dlya ointment need fresh bear gall bladder.The bubble should be filled to the internal fat of the animal and leave for a day.After one day with occasional shaking in the bladder, a mixture of a yellowish color.This mixture should be lubricated regularly damaged skin with a thin layer.