you need
  • - ginseng tincture, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra, levzei;
  • - brandy;
  • - pomegranate juice;
  • - aspirin.
Drink a cup of freshly brewed green tea drink
very invigorating and refreshing, while its effect is similar to the effect of a cup of coffee - a little pressure will increase.
Eat something salty
salt increases blood pressure, so snack kuschkom pickles or cheese.
Drink tonic infusion
Natural tonics help to increase blood pressure - ginseng tincture, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra, levzei.Drip in a glass of boiled water, 35 drops of tincture and accept - the pressure returns to normal.Drink tonic compositions preferably before meals several times a day, but not before bedtime.
remedy the lack of fluid in the body
If the pressure drop caused by the hot weather, you need
to drink plain water or fruit compote - regulation of water balance to restore and normalizes blood pressure.
Drink brandy
Polryumki good quality brandy lead blood pressure to normal.You can add the brandy in hot tea.
Drink a glass of pomegranate juice
Prepare a mixture of water and a fresh, natural pomegranate juice (2: 1) - this solution increases the pressure faster than tea and coffee, with effect from reception persists much longer.
Mash muscles
Quickly rub the leg muscles, massaging them by the ankles to the knees and above are also massage your lower back and knead the muscles of the abdomen.
apply the method of acupuncture
Press down on the point under the nose and hold the pressure for one minute, then relax the fingers.Repeat pressing the 5 or 10 times.Massage active point on the edge of the little finger side of the edge of the nail in a matter of minutes.Massage Another point helps to normalize low blood pressure - on the side of the big toe, near the nail from the adjacent finger.
Raise pressure pills
Take half a tablet of ascorbic acid and two tablets of dry green tea.The rest of the drugs to increase the pressure ("Strophanthin", "Mezaton", "dobutamine", "camphor", "Norepinephrine") should be taken only after consulting a specialist.
Take douche
If possible, take a shower, alternating hot and cold water - a "invigorate" vessels and normalizes blood pressure.
Use the method of breathing exercises
Take a slow deep breath in the nose, exhale through clenched teeth perform in the same slow pace.Pressure will rise, but not for long.