Ten grams of the root of cinquefoil white Crush lightly with a hammer or a coffee grinder.Then put in a non-oxidizing dish, for example, glass or ceramic.Fill a hundred grams of vodka and let the mixture guide during the month.When she is ready - strain.Drink bloodroot need thirty drops three times a day for fifteen to twenty minutes before meals.After a month of receiving it is necessary to make a break for seven days.Then repeat the course.
There is also another way to use it.Eight to
ten grams of chopped dried roots of Potentilla white cover with water, you will need about one and a half liters.Then bring the mixture to a boil.Next you need to cook on low heat for about ten to twelve minutes.After bloodroot ready, insist it for one hour, then carefully strain.With boiling water, bring to the initial volume of infusion - one and a half liters.Take this infusion should be two tablespoons three or four times a day before meals.
can also still make another infusion.To this end, three hundred grams of raw materials fill one and a half liters of water.Then bring to a boil and simmer for about twelve minutes.Consume this mixture should be in the form of compresses for various wounds, contusions, hemorrhoids, weeping eczema, cracked feet, with bruises bruises, as well as used for irrigation at belyah women.
also proved that bloodroot white prints radiation, reduces cholesterol levels, resolves cysts, fibroids, normalizes the monthly cycle.It is effective for liver diseases, gout and rheumatism.
From contraindications marked idiosyncrasy.Also white bloodroot should be taken with caution when pronounced tachycardia.