At own will replace some other birth control pills can not, even if you experience side effects, and your girlfriend has repeatedly done so.Listen only to the opinion of the physician, which should discuss the causes and the transition to new contraceptives.It is better to consult a specialist to ensure that you wrote the first drug.
doctor advises not to throw the pills in the middle of the package, however none were severe adverse events, otherwise increases the likelihood of violations of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and the opening of u
terine bleeding.Hormonal drugs should drink up to the end of the package, and then switch to another drug or even to cancel the appointment.Exception - pregnancy, in the case of oral contraceptives should be discontinued immediately, as soon as you are diagnosed with pregnancy.
If you are only going to get pregnant and have taken pills for protection - allow disclaimer of admission on any day of the cycle, not even finished packing.But the rejection of them is likely to provoke the appearance of bleeding, reminiscent of menstruation, but less abundant and longer.Typically, such allocation cease within 1-2 weeks.If they persist for more than 3 weeks, or worse, you should seek medical advice.
Driving change combined oral contraceptive consisting of 21 tablets in a package: take the last tablet of the drug from the pack and wait for 7 days.During this time must pass regular menstruation.Start accepting new contraceptives exactly 7 days, even if the month is not yet over.If the package is a combined oral contraceptive containing 28 tablets, drink the last pill in the pack.The next day, at the same time it has to start receiving the new contraceptive drug with the first active pill.
usually correct transition from one to the other contraceptive methods do not reduce the protection against unwanted pregnancy.If you have followed the advice of the doctor and strictly follow the schedule, additional methods of contraception use is not necessary.Sometimes a change of hormone pills cause side effects: vaginal spotting, nausea, and headaches.Ailments usually pass quickly and do not require interruption of oral contraceptives.
If you are planning to go on birth control pills other forms of contraception, using the same scheme that and when changing some other pills.The drug 21 pills in a pack: 7 days after the adoption of the last hormonal pill paste patch, enter the vaginal diaphragm, cervical cap or hormonal ring.Contraceptives 28 pills need to replace the very next day after the reception.After 48 hours of oral contraceptives cease to operate and create protection against unwanted pregnancy.