you need
  • - Aloe extract in ampoules;
  • - syringe;
  • - wool;
  • - rubbing alcohol.
Thoroughly wash your hands and wipe them with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
aloe extract for subcutaneous administration, so you have to determine the place where the injection will be done.It is better if an injection is made in the abdomen, or upper arm, but you can administer the drug in the thigh or yagoditsu.Esli you are doing is not the first shot, try not to get in the place of the previous injections.It could face a painful thickening of the skin and scarring.
Dial aloe extract into a sterile "insulin" syringe.It will allow for a fine needle injection, minimizing pain.Generally, the dose for an adult human medicine is 1 mL for children 5
years kolyat 0.5 ml, in young children - are not more than 0.3 ml.The maximum permissible daily dose of 4 ml, but it rarely is appointed.In most cases, injections are made once a day, and a one-time introduction of such a number of drugs under the skin very sensitive, so a small daily dose is offset by a rather long duration of the course lecheniya.Detyam and adults who can not bear the pain of the injection aloe , it recommended to doinjection of 2% novocaine solution (0.5 mL).
medicine is injected slowly to the injection site to subsequently form a seal.The needle should be inserted at an angle of 45 degrees is not deeper than 2/3 of the length.
After the procedure, remove the syringe and press to place the injection cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
course of treatment consists of 30-35 injections.But for the duration indications may be reduced or, conversely, is increased.