«Kanefron" contains only natural ingredients: centaury herb, rosemary leaves, lovage root peel and rosehips.The drug is assigned not only for the treatment of nephritis and cystitis, but also for the prevention of kidney stones."Kanefron" is available in tablets and drops, and can be used as a standalone tool or as part of combination therapy.
Infants shows the drug three times daily 10 drops at a time.Before use, mix the medicine with any liquid (water, tea, breast milk, infant formula, juice).Children aged 1-5 years appoint 15 drops at a time three times a day.Single dose for children 5 years is 25 drops, and three times a day.The dosage for adults twice - 50 drops at a time, the same number of intak
es - three times per day.Before application do not forget to shake the bottle of medicine.In some cases it flocculates.This, as well as clouding of the liquid does not affect the effectiveness of the drug.
Taking the pills is allowed only with the age of five.Children appoint one pills "kanefron" three times a day, adults - two.
Take "Kanefron" not less than one and a half months after improvement.This is necessary to fix the effect and to prevent recurrence of the disease.
«Kanefron" can be taken at any time of the day, regardless of meals.The drug is well absorbed and has a pronounced therapeutic effect in any case.
Take "Kanefron" simultaneously with antibacterial drugs (if ordered by your doctor)."Kanefron" enhances the action of antibiotics, so that recovery occurs much faster.