beriberi, intoxication, lack of essential trace elements - all this affects the quality of sperm, has a direct negative impact on the health of the unborn child.Both prospective parents planning pregnancy, at the latest six months prior to conception must begin to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, take drugs prescribed by the doctor and vitamins.
men, besides folic acid, on the advice of a doctor should take vitamin complex.Your doctor may prescribe drugs iron, iodine and other minerals, the lack of which is set during the analysis.
future father of three months before the planned conception should stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking.This is the minimum time that is needed to release the body of toxins, so they do not negat
ively affect the sperm.Folic acid deficiency may reduce a man's sperm quality number.Before conception folic acid recommended to take a preventive dose of not less than 0.4 mm, not later than three months before the planned conception.
on safety, utilization and absorption of folic acid in the body can be affected by many drugs.It is best to take folic acid together with vitamins C and B12.Also, its synthesis increases colonic bifidobacteria with additional admission.Significantly reduces the absorption of folic acid in the large intestine when taking antiepileptic drugs, sulfonamides, antacids, alcohol.
In the body, folic acid reserve is not delayed, it is necessary to compensate for the loss of a day.Its deficiency is most often due to three reasons: violation of intestinal absorption, increased demand or insufficient intake of food.Ensure dietary intake of folic acid in sufficient quantity possible.Besides green leaves, this acid is found in sunflower seeds, peanuts, tomatoes, beans, egg yolk, eggs, cheese, meat, liver.