When tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and pharynx breed two tablets furatsilina in a glass of warm water.Since they are quite poorly soluble, pre-grind them.If the solution requires mouthwash children, then reduce the dosage of the active substance is dissolved only 1 tablet furatsilina in 200 ml of warm boiled water.If at the bottom of a large sediment can filter the solution through two layers of cheesecloth.
for treating skin wounds, a more concentrated solution.In 50 ml of water, add 2-3 tablets furatsilina .The solution will turn dark, but it's not terrible.Gargle with this liquid can not
, can start vomiting.Furatsilin sufficiently absorbed into the bloodstream through the oral mucosa.
In gynecology furatsilin also apply, but only for irrigation.Use it without the advice of a doctor can not.Usually prescribed 2-4 tablets with 500 mL of water.Douching spend 1-3 times a day, depending on the purposes.To conduct such a procedure is often undesirable because of the vagina washed useful microflora.
furatsilina can be washed and the nasal passages.To this dilute it approximately the same as for gargling.But to enhance the effect and add another teaspoon of table salt or sea.Rinse your nose 2-4 times a day.This solution is used for the treatment of sinusitis, but the method can be regarded as a subsidiary rather than a major.Sinusitis is treated with antibacterial drugs, and washing is carried out to remove the stagnant mucus from the sinuses.
If you have a purulent inflammation, on the miraculous properties furatsilina unreliable.Visit the hospital and get specialist advice, be sure to consult, and about the use of furatsilina .