hydrogen peroxide in Russia comes in two forms, each of them different concentrations.The first form in the structure can not contain more than 3% H2O2, so it can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy without a prescription in vials of 25 ml.The second form - gidroperit, tablet or powder with a content of 35% hydrogen peroxide .
If your doctor has prescribed you a treatment with hydrogen peroxide , or friends advise you to spend a wet cleaning using it, then pick yourself you need the form, as this is very much depends.
Basically, hydrogen peroxide applied external way,
but it is necessary to observe safety precautions, if the treatment involves taking the drug orally or, for example, rinsing the mouth.
It should be remembered that the peroxide concentration hydrogen in which more than 10%, by ingestion may cause grave consequences, including burns and damage to the esophagus and the gastrointestinal tract.
In order to prevent anything like this, you need to follow the proportions when diluted.
For example, you need to relieve pain and treat the wound, in this case it is necessary to mix 1 or 2 teaspoons three percent of peroxide in 50 ml of water to moisten the gauze bandage and apply a compress on the wound for half an hour.
Everyone knows that the peroxide has a good effect on tooth enamel, disinfecting and bleaching it.If you decide to use the solution as an additive to toothpaste in a small saucer only highlight a few drops of hydrogen peroxide , a pinch of baking soda and a small amount of paste, move well and brush your teeth.The effect is guaranteed.
Using peroxide for wet cleaning of premises, dilute fifty milliliters of 3% peroxide in five liters of water.This will allow you not only to disinfect tables, dishes, refrigerator, but also give a pleasant and delicate scent of freshness.
If you decide to make marinating meat, thereby killing it all parasites and bacteria, you need a 3% hydrogen peroxide , 50 drops which must be diluted in 200 milliliters of water.Put the aluminum container is not a solution to your fish or poultry and soak for half an hour.After the procedure, the meat should be thoroughly rinsed in boiled water, and you can start cooking.
Be careful, as this is often dependent on your health.