Tip 1: How to make compresses with camphor oil

Camphor oil - anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic, which is widely used in medicine.Compress of camphor oil is often used for the treatment of diseases of various organs.Its use is advisable when skin ulcers, rheumatism, arthritis, myositis, myalgia, arthralgia, and other health problems.Contraindications for use in the preparation of camphor oil packs are a variety of skin diseases and allergies to components of oil.
In women, especially pregnant or nursing, often have problems with the breast: it swells, milk ceases to run off, and she breast starts to ache unbearably.Young mothers do not know what to do and how to be feeding the baby than to cure the strange disease.It is here that the aid comes from a camphor oil compress on the chest.His advice to make even the most experienced doctors.
Make it as follows.Slightly warm the camphor oil to a temperature that would be pleasing to the body: you need to be warm, but not hot.Dip in oil or gauze bandage and place it around his che
st.Cover with polyethylene or plastic wrap and overnight Wrap feather scarf.Already in the morning you will feel that the breast is much softer, and the milk will go much easier.Before feeding, wash the breast with warm water.Compresses camphor oil is useful to impose even at the first sign of the disease.
addition, of camphor oil, you can make a very good ear, compress, which is extremely useful in flux, sore throat, inflammation of the middle ear.To do this, take half a liter of water and add 2 tablespoons of camphor oil.The resulting mixture is warm up, soak it in a piece of soft cloth, wring it thoroughly and attach to your ear.On top of the cloth, apply the oil-cloth or wax paper, and the top layer will serve as a woolen cloth or heating pad.Change the compress every ten - fifteen minutes.Again, remember that the temperature of the mixture of a compress should not be too high.
same do hot compress for bruises and bruises - camphor oil helps here.Apply compresses until the complete disappearance of a bruise or stop the pain.Besides warming and simple medical compresses, camphor oil is widely used in pure form to accelerate the tightening of wounds and cuts.

Tip 2: How to make a compress on the chest

Every woman strives to ensure that her breasts looked perfect.And if for some spectacular enough underwear and blouses particular cut, the other wants to make his appearance more radical changes.But do not go under the knife or pay a fortune for a painful and uncertain procedures in beauty salons.Chest can be increased by contrast compresses.
How to compress on the breast
you need
  • Sea salt, towels, ice, two water tanks, a moisturizing massage cream, watch with a second hand.
Prepare everything you need.In one container, pour very hot water and dissolve it in sea salt, another container filled with ice and cold water to fill.Each put on towels, pre-folded them so that was convenient to impose on his chest.Sit comfortably and take care of that during the procedure the water did not get on your clothes or surrounding objects.It is best to deal with the superposition of packs in the bathroom.Put next to a clock with a second hand to be able to pinpoint the time of each compress.
Start with a hot compress.Warm water helps to open the pores of the skin, makes the tissue more pliable and receptive to nutrients and minerals.A sea salt dissolved in the water, cleans the skin and helps to relax the muscles.The duration of a hot compress - 30 seconds.After apply a hot compress on the chest cold.Its duration is twice as long - 1 minute.Wrap the chest with a towel so that it is completely closed.For one procedure must be done 10 10 hot and cold compresses.Always start with hot and cold finish.Only a sequence of the effect.
After compress do last, the skin should be wiped dry with a soft towel and apply a layer of cream.If you want to get breast augmentation, can be applied a special cream that promotes an increase in volume.After compress its action will be most effective substances.You can restrict the usual nutritional or moisturizer.Apply a light massage it and gently rub into skin.After exposure to a very good compression effect does breast massage, so you can combine business with pleasure and massage the breast for 5-10 minutes.
procedure should not do during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as if you have a disease of the breast.
Helpful Hint
To effect of the contrast compresses has been rapid and pronounced, it is necessary to do them every day for 3 weeks to 2 times a day.If we stick to a regular schedule and do not skip treatments, very soon your breasts become more and acquire a beautiful shape.
  • compress when the flux