Corn silk is used in the form of decoctions and infusions.For the treatment of most diseases requires prolonged use of this natural medicine.But the dosage differ in most cases.
One tablespoon (heaped) of minced raw pour a glass of cold water and let stand for one hour.After this, the infusion set to the minimum gas and slowly bring to a boil.Continue to heat the liquid for about 10 minutes, then let it cool and strain through a sieve.
If pancreatitis decoction taken one glass three times a day.In rheumatoid arthritis is shown receiving infusions at a daily dose of 2-3 cups (better to divide them into several
stages).In renal insufficiency, drink two tablespoons 6-8 times a day.It is advisable in this case to make a break between meals broth over three hours.Similar to how to use a decoction of corn stigmas and liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis).When intestinal diseases decoction is taken before each meal a tablespoon.A welcome cup of morning fasting means promotes the release and good flow of bile.
Drink-thirds cup of broth for 20 minutes before a meal, if you are aiming to lose weight.A decoction of the sensation of hunger, thereby decreasing the amount of food eaten in 2 times without discomfort to the body.