you need
  • - shell eggs;
  • - lemon;
  • - garlic.
for the treatment of osteoporosis, diseases of the muscular and nervous system, improve blood clotting, strengthening immunity prepare powdered eggshells.Take washed clean egg shell raw eggs, clean it from domestic films, and was baked in the oven for five minutes.Then grind to a powder in a mortar (not in a coffee grinder) and requested through a fine sieve.Every day, take a powder of eggshell in the amount of 1-2 grams (it's on the tip of a knife), make sure drinking lemon juice.Take lemon juice should avoid the occurrence of kidney stones and gall bladder, as well as calcium deposits in the vessels.The course of treatment - 1 month, followed by the
month - break and so on.Take the powder better after eight o'clock in the evening, as the calcium is better absorbed in the night.
When food allergy is recommended to take a powder from the shells of 60 eggs.Prepare powder according to the method described above.Every day, take 2 grams of powder, seizing spoon milled lemon and garlic (ratio 1: 1).
infants six months of age, when the active is the formation of the skeleton and teeth, it is recommended to add to the lure of 1 gram of powder shell during the month.Then take a break - 1.5 months, and then repeat the course skorlupoterapii.