you need
  • - direction;
  • - an extract from the map;
  • - passport;
  • - statement.
First of all you need the direction of the passage of medical and social expert commission.It will give you a doctor from the clinic to which you belong in the community and systematically applying about their disease.
To pass the commission, you will need to pass all the tests, the expiry date which is 14 days, and be retested, confirming your disease and partial or complete loss of ability to work.
get directions to all the necessary examinations.You can go through them in the clinic, but it will have to visit more than once, and for a long time to sit in the general queue to get tickets to get
an appointment to specialists.If you are not able to move around, get a referral to a hospital, where you will spend all the appointments and tests.
extract from the medical history and information on the re-examination will issue you a local therapist.He also prescribe the direction that the chief doctor must sign a medical institution.The square and the front desk put an official stamp.
To pass the medical and social expert commission, contact your local medical facility, complete the application, present an extract from the medical record, the direction of a passport.You call date on which the Commission will be held.
Report on the assignment of disability experts will make on the basis of the documents submitted, the general inspection.
If you are denied awarding disability, you can apply to the Federal Communications Commission or the courts.