you need
  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate or a certificate from the trustee of the guardianship;
  • - a statement to the court.
To write disabled, who can not move independently and have a guardian appointed by the guardianship authorities at the request of a disabled or judicially, the FMS should contact the trustee.
will need to submit an application, a certificate or a certificate from the guardianship authorities about the appointment of a guardian, a certificate of disability, your passport and write rights.On the basis of submitted documents authorized employee of the territorial migration service will make removal from the register, will give a
piece of departure and put a stamp in the passport.
If the disabled person does not have a guardian, he may apply to the Federal Migration Service of their own or to give the authorization form to any person who is ready to assume its powers.On the basis of a power of attorney disabled can be written without his personal presence.
When disputes arise when a disabled person is not the owner of property, does not live in an apartment without a trace missing or his permanent place of residence is another living space, but he is not discharged from your home, please contacta statement to the arbitral tribunal.
incapable or partially capable persons are under the care of the state, so if the court hearing and adjudication shall be representatives of the guardianship authorities.If the removal from the register violates the rights of incapacitated or partially capable citizen, a positive decision on the forced discharge, you will not be able to receive.
If the court issued a positive decision on the basis of decisions you can make withdrawals disabled the register.Please contact the territorial office of the FMS with the application and court order.