you need
  • - direction to the medical examination form number 088 / U-97;
  • - expert opinion;
  • - identity document;
  • - filled with medical card.
Find out if you can qualify for one group or another disability.Typically, the first group is set for patients who are not able to independently carry out usual activities and take care of themselves, they need constant care.The second group of citizens can only work under certain conditions, are a violation of certain body functions.In the third group disability claim with some people defect anatomy or chronic diseases that reduce their ability to work, but allow you to work part-time.
Make an appointment with a therapist and after inspection get the dir
ection of the passage of medical and social expertise.If a medical institution refuses to issue directions to the examination, the doctors require registration refusal in writing, and go with that document to the commission.
begin collecting the necessary medical documents.During the initial medical examination you must obtain direction to the medical and social expertise in the form number 088 / U-97 or stamped and signed by the refusal of institutions to issue this document.You will also need a passport and a copy or other proof of identity.Take in a medical facility in the community outpatient card with the amended required readings and analyzes associated with your current state of health.The Commission should be aware of when and for what reasons of disability.
Contact the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise and write on the model of a private application for a medical examination.After that, the Commission should take an appropriate decision on the recognition of your disability or refusal.If yes you will be given a certificate confirming the group, and a rehabilitation program.