call your service clinic.If you have complaints of persistent hearing loss otolaryngologist is obliged to give you a referral to the audiologist.Typically, you can find this specialist or general hospitals, or in a specialized center.
Visit an audiologist, who will hold a survey to establish the degree of hearing loss, and give an opinion on the possibility or impossibility of correction.
Walk experts whose advice needed for registration directions to medical and social commission.The standard list includes the therapist, optometrist, neurologist, cardiologist and surgeon, but if you have complaints or chronic diseases will need to consult with other doctors.Get directions
on blood and urine tests.
Refer to LORu with the results of the analysis and conclusions passed by specialists.The attending physician on the basis of all available medical documents to prepare direction for examination.
Reassure direction from the chief physician medical facility.Put in the registry all the necessary stamps and seals.
Contact the Bureau of the ITU, serving your area.Your passport, medical records and write an application for examination.
at the appointed date also will appear again in the Bureau of the ITU.The Commission will examine your documents personally make sure that there are persistent violations of life, and make a decision within the hour.
Get a certificate confirming your new status, and individual rehabilitation program.In case of refusal to establish a disability you may contact the head office of the ITU, the coordinates of which must be indicated on the information board.
Take the copy of the certificate to the pension fund, which will be the allowance.Also, a copy of the document will require authorities and social security.It was there documented benefits that are put to you by law.