To reduce muscle spasm that resulted from a long stay in an uncomfortable position, be sure to take a comfortable position, perform light massage kneading, try to relax the stiff muscles.

Pinch sore spot, rub the leg warming ointment, or mustard oil, a massage.As a precaution to massage every day, in addition, it is useful to rub the soles of the feet with lemon juice in the morning (treatment 2 weeks).

Try a set of exercises.Lying on your back, stretch your arms and legs.Without lifting the heel off the bed, pull your right leg as far as possible, keep it in suspense for 5 seconds.Repeat the exercise with the left foot, then both feet at once.Repeat at least 5 times.

in public places do another exercise: Lift up on his toes, tearing off the heel from the floor, slumped.Repeat 10 times.Eit
her stand on your heels and try to keep your balance for 10 seconds, repeat 5-6 times.

The following exercises can be done both sitting and standing.Cross the foot and lean on the outer edges, hold the position for 10 seconds.Repeat 5 times.Very efficient as simple flexion-extension toes for a few minutes.

Stretch your legs in front of him and slowly for 3 minutes, rotate the foot.Then lift and lower your toes without lifting your heels off the floor.Try to stick to a fairly rapid pace.

To have convulsions disturbed as little as possible, try to make up for a lack of potassium and calcium.To do this regularly eat cottage cheese, beans, hard cheese, dried apricots, bananas and apples.Moreover, once or twice a year, you can take vitamin supplements on the advice of a physician.Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, less drink coffee, do not eat a lot of sugar.

Seizures can be caused by quite serious illnesses, such as varicose veins, hidden injuries, brain tumors, epilepsy, spazmofilii, eclampsia, inflammatory or infectious diseases.Therefore, if the leg cramps are repeated often enough - always consult a doctor (neurologist, phlebology endocrinologist).Cause disease, they will disappear only after the treatment of the underlying disease.