you need
  • - application for setting you on the turn;
  • - legal documents.
Prepare documents that confirm your status invalid (conclusion of medical-social examination, a certificate from the pension fund, indicating the size of your pension).
Collect documents proving your right to improve their living conditions (for example, an extract from the house register, certificate of family composition, the extract from the cadastral passport, as well as the plan of the apartment).
Write a statement in the prescribed form with a request to put you on queue to receive free housing in the local department of the administration.Check the list of required documents (your passport when it is required).
is possible to register and post your job (if you - disabled workers), presenting all the documents.The law allows for the situation where a disabled person (or the parents of a disabled child) consist in line to receive free housing, and in both places.In this case, you will need the following documents: application;passports of all family members, their birth certificates;SNILS and INN;certificate of custody (or termination) of the marriage;supporting documents for benefits;Help that you (your family) have no other dwellings;Help on the level of income of the family.
you can add their own funds allocated to housing subsidies and to buy an apartment or a house a larger area.If the purchase housing is produced at a cost less than the amount provided by the certificate, the remaining money disabled arms had not been given.
possible option to purchase an apartment at the expense of the municipality and its subsequent provision of social contract of employment.If the person has not used its right of privatization, accommodation can be arranged at the property.
If medical or other indications you (or a disabled child) will soon be placed in a specialized state institution the right to use the apartment will be lost in six months.