There are state, labor and social disability pension.In certain cases, a disabled person is given the opportunity to choose the most suitable for him kind of pension.The disability pension, which came because of an accident at work or occupational disease, shall be appointed and paid by the Social Insurance.It's worth noting that this kind of pension is granted regardless of when it occurred disability: directly during the work, to employment or after termination of employment.
There are two ways of how to made pensionable disability.The first way is connected with registration of the
retirement pension, and the second - includes accrued state pension.If a disabled person has at least the minimum insurance experience, the accrual of pension payments is possible with regard of insurance.Thus, the citizen receives a legitimate right to apply for disability retirement pension.At the same time the invalid shall have the right to choose which of the varieties of pension benefits it is preferable to obtain.If the insurance period is missing, the pension is calculated according to the state social standards for calculating pension benefits.Supplement to the invalidity pension, and other benefits will be calculated in accordance with ERISA Russian Federation.
state disability pension is calculated, as a rule, military, war veterans, as well as those who have suffered as a result of technological and radiation accidents.Moreover, the amount of additional payments to the variety of pension depends on the size of pensions, life and so on.Social disability pension is designed accordingly: the disabled, disabled children and disabled since childhood.In this case, the supplement to the pension will be based on the rules of the current legislation.
important to know that according to the order of the pension, regulated by law, payments are made during the period for which the person has been disabled.Or until they reach the age of citizen obschepensionnogo.It must be remembered that the old-age pension should not be less than the disability pension, which is paid once a citizen.