Make a list of strengths and weaknesses.Weakness include restrictions related to health: the inability to move, weak voice, etc.Strengths may include: the ability to type on the keyboard, a beautiful voice, and others.
identify the main "working tool".Look at the list of strengths, the ability to choose on which to rely in matters of earnings.On the one hand, healthy people are able to work with a keyboard, but they also have a problem with making money, and hardly anyone believes this skill advantage.But in the case of a disabled person, everything looks different, because all forces concentrate on one thing, and it becomes a powerful tool.Healthy people sometimes do not appreciate what they have, so t
hey can not benefit.The working tool can be a voice - but first select only one "tool".
create items for sale.This may be an ordinary file or sequence files - audio, video, or text.Do what saves people from some problems.Use the chosen "instrument" and the necessary computer programs.If something does not know how to do, make a plan and the self-hold on themselves to the desired level.This is normal - other people also improve their skills and relearn, you only have to do it yourself.
hiring managers, agree to cooperate on the partnership terms.A suitable person should compensate for your weaknesses that hinder success.Explain to the employee that you have items for sale in digital form, but will need help to get profits.Say that no one receives a salary, there is a risk of failure, but if successful, the profit share as partners.A person can do this in my spare time.If it is not satisfied, look for another - no obstacles should not stop you.
Gather a group of the Internet who want to solve the problem which you are engaged.Give the product for free, but with the condition that people will apply the recommendations in practice and to send a specific date reviews.Feedback will show how well the work was performed in the third step.If all goes well, you get rave reviews and will be sure that the product can be sold.If the review will not or people will say that the way your problem can not be solved, nothing catastrophic.Start again with the third step.Sometimes, the business does not work immediately, but will come with experience and money .
Make trial sales.Test different prices - very low and very high - to understand what customers will react.Promise refund and be sure to lay out the feedback received on the fifth step.
Do not try to do everything yourself.If the trial sales are obtained and people send responses called to the cause of promotion of business professionals - a partnership - to get to a different level of income.